Resilience and Futility

24"x36" inkjet prints, 8"x10" inkjet prints, plywood, and dirt.


Resilience and Futility is a single record of a site in transition. This location is a residential development site, one of many that are found across the United States. Originally this site was wooded, but in prior years it has been logged in preparation for construction.

During the time between logging and construction wild flora and fauna engulfed the site and have begun flourishing. However construction has begun, and with it comes a temporary end to natures attempt at reclamation. Control is yet again shifted back into the hands of humanity.

This control however is never permanent. As time continues so will the struggle between natures reclamation and humanities suppression. This series attempts to record a single moment in this endless power struggle. A conflict filled with contradictions of progress, regress, growth and decay.